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পিঠে ব্যথা বা শরীরের যে কোন বাতের ব্যথায় কার্যকর এই ম্যাসেজার . 
Stress has become an inevitable part of our lives, so has muscle soreness. 
With busier lifestyle and longer times on the keyboards, back ache, shoulder stiffness, tired legs and neck pain are part of our daily lives. Alleviate pain and relax those rigid muscles with mini electric massager. 
Ergonomic handle and comfortable grip ensures contented self use for a much needed massage. Deep, calming vibrations along with kneading action improves blood circulation and helps to unwind muscles. 
360 degree rotation and streamlined shape ensure you wake up in the morning refreshed and rejuvenated. 
Key Features: 
Attractive patented appearance Battery and USB powered 360 degree rotating heart Ideal to use for all body parts (neck, shoulder, legs, waist and back) Portable and good battery backup

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