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American Summer Infant baby baby shower adjustable folding chair

2 in 1 Baby Bather and Relaxing Chair

 ( বাচ্চাদের গোসল ও শুইয়ে রাখার রিলাক্স চেয়ার) 

বাচ্চাকে গোসল করানো কিংবা আরামে রাখার জন্য এই পন্যটি।শুধু মাত্র আপনার বাচ্চার জন্য

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Product Name: American Summer Infant baby baby shower adjustable folding chair
Material: printing mesh, iron, PP plastic
Suitable age: newborn -11 kg baby
Use: can be used in the bathtub or sink integral
Size: about 33 * 36 * 56cm
Package Size: 28 * 49 * 13cm
Expand the product after a long 59 cm, width 32 cm, height 32 cm head, feet high 19 cm

color: Blue/Pink

Product Description: This product is ideal for newborn babies, soft mesh fabric and an adjustable backrest for the baby shower is the most comfortable feeling, anti-slip mats and holder protect your baby’s safety. Mesh cushion coat easily disassembled, machine washable and prevent mold growth.

Newborn baby’s head against the soft design, head design soft cushions, head of fixed fragile baby, baby bath process to improve safety and increase the sense of security when bathing your baby.

Independent buckle design is simple to install, easy to mesh cloth material collection.

The bottom is soft, non-slip mats, design safer always unique

Product Features:

1: Includes deluxe head support
2: Soft mesh sling seat conforms to your baby
3: Can be used in both tub and undivided sink 2 position back rest
4: Folds flat for easy storage and travel
5: Mesh part washable, and can machine wash

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