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Laser hair removal machine Specifications:

Safe and gentle on the most sensitive skin
No more painful or smelly hair removal methods
No more nicks, cuts, bumps or burns
Dermatologist recommended
Use anywhere there’s unwanted hair
Safe on all skin types and colors
USB Recharger included
one time charger can use 6 hours 

Laser hair removal machine How to use :

Turn On :Turn the device's power switch to "On" by moving it in the direction of the

head. The front lights will flash after half a second in order to let you know that the device is ready for use.

Activate :Activate the head by touching it against your skin

Remove Hair:Gently slide the device along any areas that you want to remove hair from.

Deactivate:Once you're finished with your hair removal, move the device away from

your skin. It will deactivate and go to sleep after six seconds.

Turn Off:If you're completely finished with the device, turn the power "Off" by moving the switch in the opposite direction of the head.

Laser hair removal machine   Package Includes:
1 RechargableYes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover
1 USB Charger Cord with Wall Plug
1 Trimmer Head
1 Foil Head
1 Cleaning Brush


Laser hair removal machine: