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Original Sit Right Back Support Wooden Ball  YLW

দীর্ঘ সময় চেয়ারে বসে কাজ করে কোমর / পিঠ ব্যাথায় অস্থির। Sit Right নিয়ে এলো সমাধান। "
Sit Right Back Support" 
চেয়ারে বসে কাজ করার সময় আপনার মেরুদন্ডকে সঠিক অবস্থানে রাখে যা কোমরে-পিঠে ব‍্যাথা ভালো করতে সাহায্য করে।
Original Wooden Sit Right Back Support helps people who work for long hours on computer or by sitting on chair or Driving
feel back pain and it is irritating. presents a simple yet powerful solution to the problem. 
No matter if you are in your home, driving a car or sitting in a office, 
you now can sit in the right way that doctors suggest and can get rid of the back pain.

1. Sit Right Back Support Helps align your spine and improve your posture

2. It Gives lower back support, aligned, neutral spine and relaxed shoulders

3. Sit Right Support Supports Lower Lumbar

4. Helps Spring cushion effect gives valuable support & added comfort

5. Its Raised nodes provide a massage feature

6. Sit Right Back Support Gives Maximum Air ventilation

7. Sit Right Gives Mesh grill lets air circulate to keep you cool

8. Sit Right Is Lightweight and easy to use

9. Sit Right Support Fits almost any seat

10. Its Quick and easy to install

11. It Can Be Used at home, in the office or the car

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