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Product Code: Ego Electronic Cigarette Liquid E Cigarette
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Product Features The eGo-CE4 Electronic Cigarette is your best bet in the world of refillable tank e cig systems. When deciding which model to carry, we tested many different versions and ended up choosing the CE4 for the following reasons.
1) Click the button on the side of the CE4 5 times in rapid succession to turn it on. The LED light will flash when activated. You can click the button 5 more times to turn the unit off. This is recommended when you have the CE4in your pocket, purse, or backpack.
2) To fill, unscrew the mouthpiece and fill the chamber with your e liquid (we recommend Austins E Liquid). Try not to get any liquid in the tiny silver hole. Fill with as much e liquid as you would like, making sure to not fill past the white cap.
3) Screw the mouthpiece back in place. Place the CE4 mouthpiece to your lips. Press the button and begin to inhale. When your inhale is complete, release the button.WarrantyN/AIn The Box1 x EGo- CE4 Electronic -Cigarette with 1 Free Flavour