Fat removal sliming belt  and  massager

Veet আইব্রো ট্রিমার
পোর্টেবল, হালকা ও হাইজেনিক রেজর কিটশক্তিশালী ও নিরাপদ ট্রিমার ব্লেডশরীরের যে কোন অংশে ব্যবহার করতে প..
Original Red External Heating Vibration Foot Massage Instrument
Product Features:Vibration MassageMagnetotherapy HealthFar-Infrared temperature: Unique far-infrared..
Tear Resistant Tights ElaSlim
TK590.00 TK490.00
আপনার সুন্দর পা কে আরও সৌন্দর্যময় আরও আকর্ষণীয় করে তুলতে নিয়ে নিন এটা Tights of heavy-duty elastic ..
Original Roll on Hat sharper belt for man and women
Original Roll on Hat sharper belt for man and womenযে কোনো কোমরের জন্য ফ্রি সাইজ। খুবিই সহজ ব্যাবহার..
pain remover ORTHOPAEDIC HEAT BELT-REGULAR  Size: 29.5 cm X 21.5 cm (11.5 X 8.5 inches)lamingo ..
pain remover ORTHOPAEDIC HEAT BELT - EXTRA LARGE Size: 34 cm X 25 cm (13.5 X 10 inches)Flamingo Orth..
MYMI WONDER PATCH(তলপেটের মাতৃত্ত্বকালীন দাগ দূর করবে )
 ত্বকের যত্নে এবার এলো,যা কিনা কোনো ক্ষতিকর দিক নেইতলপেটের মাতৃত্ত্বকালীন দাগ দূর করবে এই প্যাচ..
Vibratone Waist Lose Weight Belt Vibration Fat Burner
Description:This slimming belt is indispensable for guys and girls who desire for the ripped and hot..
Abdomen waistband(হাফ আবডোমেন কাভার করবে )
Abdomen waistband(হাফ আবডোমেন কাভার করবে ) A corset thanks to the special design and the comfortable..
Lose Belly Fat
The Amazing New Weight-Loss Belt!Start losing inches around your waist and love handles just by wear..
Waist Trimmer for Men & Women. Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer cushions, compresses, and supports y..
Vibroaction Electric Slimming Massage Belt
Get a relaxing massage while ridding yourself from ugly celluliteTon..
Waist Slimming Body Fitness Disc
When doing exercise, it also doing foot magneto therapyFriction particle can be more effectively pro..
Belly Burner Weight Loss Slimming Belt
Waist Belt: Easy To Wear.Effective In Toning And Shaping Waistline When Worn During Exercise. Univ..
Hot Shaper Slimming Pants
The Hot  Shaper are pants for exercise and everyday use in your daily activities.Designed with ..
Hot Shaper Waist Belt
Hot Shaper Waist BeltYou will lose weight*Maximizes fitness routines*Slim waist tummy*Increase your ..
High Performance Slimming Belt and Massager
দিন দিন মোটা হয়ে যাচ্ছেন , হাঁটার বা ব্যায়াম করার জন্য সময় বের করতে পারছেন না , তাহলে এটা নিয়ে নিন ,..
Slim ‘n Lift Slimming Best for Men
Simply slip in it and let its elastic ribbed support instantly flatten your tummy while the panel fi..
Slimming Waist Belt
Slimming Adjustable Wide Waist Belt Back Support Weight Loss (Large Size)• Great for the gym and aer..
Originl Slender V Shaper Slim Belt Massager For Man and women
HIGH LIGHT:Able used to massage &shape the entire bodu such as for shouler, buttocks, arms, calv..
Body Shaper Slimming Dress
Size:Free Size For AllPlace of Origin:China (Mainland)Fabric Type:JerseyMaterial:Cotton,Nylon,Spande..
Hot Shaper Sliming Pant
What’s Hot Shapers™Hot Shapers™ are fitness for everyday wear. Designed with Neotex ™ smart fabrics ..
Ladies Slimming Suit
Material: Bamboo Charcoal Fiber & Nylon-High quality elastic material-Breathable-Shapes bust, st..
Hi-quality Fat Burning Waist Trimmer
Burn FatWeight LossSauna SweatOne Size Fits AllBest Adjustable upto 46″ waist trimmer for Men & ..
Ab Slimmer Fitness
The Ultimate Weight Loss Program Key Specifications/Special Features:It Is Great For Providing Neck ..
High Quality Slimming Waist Belt
The Remedy adjustable slimming exercise belt will help trim inches off your waist and create a leane..
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